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Curriculum Overview

The Philosophy behind our Curriculum

Learning takes place in a wide range of ways at Guyhirn C of E Primary, both in and out of the classroom. We have designed our learning experiences to maximise impact. We base the content on key, relevant principles in the National Curriculum for Primary Schools as well as our own key principles pertinent to our school.

 Our staff have:

  • A commitment to ensuring that every child is challenged appropriately and given the opportunity to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable them to thrive in the present and prepare them for the future.
  • Teachers who ‘put themselves into the shoes’ of children who come here and having done this, entice them to learn.
  • Continued rigorous monitoring of teaching and learning to ensure that every child meets the high expectations set for them.

 We do this by:

  • Ensuring that the climate of our school continues to recognise the right of every child and adult to feel safe, happy and challenged by creating an ethos of respect and a love of learning.
  • An unceasing commitment to developing children’s basic skills in Communication, Numeracy, Computing.
  • Making learning irresistible by creating active learning opportunities for children to apply these basic skills to authentic problems, with a real audience and with a real purpose.
  • Making learning relevant by ensuring that our curriculum is threaded with opportunities to learn about spiritual and moral issues, communities and the environment.

 Our Learning happens in a variety of ways:

Our children learn through themes and subjects, they contribute to planning and initiate learning. Each class has a topic each half term that the children’s learning is based around Each topic makes connections between subject areas so that the children are able to explore and develop the areas of learning in more depth. It provides the children with meaningful opportunities to develop and use their skills in real situations.

Our children learn in a range of locations inside our building, in zoned classrooms and the hall space. They learn outside in our grounds, our village and beyond. Our children frequently go on educational visits to a wide range of places; we have numerous visitors throughout each term, such as authors, theatre companies, professionals, whom provide an additional layer to the children’s experiences. Curriculum days and theme weeks have a vast impact and all these give our children a breadth to their learning that you cannot provide purely in a classroom. 
Please see further information below, there you will find a link to the National Curriculum as well as the Curriculum Content overviews for each class. To the right you can see our individual subject policies.  If you require further information please come into school and talk to us! 

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