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The Diocese of Ely Multi Academy Trust (DEMAT) seeks to provide a stimulating, happy and safe learning environment within our schools that reflect Christian values and the communities in which they serve. In particular we are committed to:


  • ensuring that all pupils, regardless of ability, gender, religion and background have access to a high quality education within a supportive environment which equips them well as independent learners to take their place in society and contribute to it
  • setting high expectations of leadership and learning at all levels
  • developing a common identity and common purpose between our academies whilst preserving each academy’s individuality
  • encouraging innovation and collaboration across DEMAT academies
  • supporting academies so that they may serve their communities more effectively.


Working with the community is key to the Diocese of Ely’s vision statement ‘we pray to engage fully and courageously with the needs of our communities, locally and globally’


We believe that church schools and academies should be places where an attention to spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions of life permeates the curriculum and enriches the lives of pupils in an increasingly target driven world. They are schools and academies which stand at the heart of their communities and admit pupils of all abilities and of all faiths and none. They are places where Christian values are inbuilt into the ethos and everyday life without any ideological pressure. They are also schools and academies where there is no disconnection between effectiveness and ethos. By making this intimate connection we seek to transform the lives and life chances of all who learn and work in our schools and academies, and the communities they serve.


For further information please click on the DEMAT here