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Magdalene Class

Welcome to Magdalene Class.

We are a mixed age class of Year 5 and Year 6 children. Mrs Raine is the teacher, however she is currently on maternity leave. Mrs Milnthorpe, Mrs Kenning and Mrs Palisaite teach the class and  Mrs Smith is the Teaching Assistant. 
We are found near the entrance to the school and have lockers for our children to use! We have an engaging classroom and we work very hard! Magdalene children love a challenge to complete. 

Our year 6 children have been looking at maps for data around the world. We were shocked with some of the statistics presented!

Another brilliant dance session for Magdalene class today, incorporating science words Into our dancing.

Does anyone recognise Magdalene class’ lyrics for their Music lesson today? Bringing a little bit of History into the lesson today.

Magdalene class worked so hard on their Da Vinci inspired painting techniques yesterday that we had to simply display them all! Amazing sun themed images.

Some of our amazing writing from our Powerful Words session this morning.

Magdalene class started their Art topic today, looking at Leonardo Di Vinci!

Magdalene class have had a brilliant afternoon with @form_future @maintel looking at the global effort that goes into making a mobile phone!

Magdalene class have been working on interpreting data for Guyhirn in their Geography lesson this afternoon.

Magdalene class have been reenacting Act1 Scene1 from Macbeth! They adapted the scripts first then had a go at acting it out!

Magdalene class have been recapping rounding, today focusing on rounding decimals to the nearest whole number.

Magdalene class have been redrafting their narratives based on the character Miss Minton from Journey to the River Sea. The children have worked extremely hard - I can’t wait to read the final drafts!

Magdalene class have been spending the last few computing lessons looking at the history of computers. Today, we researched one of the first computers we’ve looked at previously and created factfilles.

nother brilliant Ukulele lesson today! The children have used their knowledge of chords to start learning some songs!

It’s a chord day in Magdalene’s ukulele lesson! A minor, F, C and G7.

Collages and sketching were some of the activities in Magdalene class today as part of the Jubilee celebrations!

I spy....a periscope! Year 6 had a great science lesson making a periscope and looking at different objects with it. A brilliant afternoon!!

A great finish to SATS week for Magdalene class as they had their DT day creating the bunting for the village ready for Jubilee weekend! A mix of hand sewing and using the sewing machine.

Year 6s have been continuing with their light lessons, using different objects as prisms to find refracted white light!

Some of Magdalene class had a blast in Forest School today with tree climbing and charcoal leaf printing!

A little bit of artwork to finish the week for a Magdalene class!

Two experiments happening in Magdalene class in Science today, year 6 looking at shadows and year 5 looking at solvable materials.

Amazing morning with @KidsCountryUK for breakfast morning! Lots of learning about the journey from farm to fork for sausages and pancakes, a brilliant talk from Farmer Luke about how much crop he produces, a session on healthy eating and a tractor visit!

We have been looking at angles this morning, with the Year 6 children measuring using protractors.

Magdalene class have moved onto properties of 3D shapes today, using foldable shapes to help!

A fantastic first ukulele lesson this morning!

We have started to explore different styles in Art, starting with sketching and using oil pastels for colour.

A great start to the Summer Term with our weekly dance sessions!

Magdalene class had beautiful weather for forest school today. We had dens, animal habitat building and lots of ladybirds!

Magdalene class had a great session with the Improve It team, participating in a pentathlon event! Lots of fun activities that kept the children entertained!

Magdalene class have moved onto apparatus in our gymnastics lessons!

Forest school saw Magdalene class help dig and plant our new trees as well as a homemade seesaw!

Magdalene class have been doing some work with dowel and tools to create palm trees in DT, the start of their scenery to their whole class structures project.

We have enjoyed a workshop all about recycling today.

Some of the Year 6 children were put through their paces this afternoon in a heart rate investigation for Science whilst the rest of Magdalene class completed their bikeability course.

Magdalene class have had an amazing morning with the Improve It team. They had to work as a team to complete orienteering activities.

The children in Magdalene class did a little bit of work on Map Projection today using an orange to show the difficulties in projecting from 3D to 2D!

Magdalene class have been painting their Islamic pattern inspired tiles - lots of bright colours to keep with the tradition!

Forest school for Magdalene saw the children mixing charcoal and oil to make charcoal paint, creating Chinese New Year images as well as a ‘trampoline’ from willow that had been found.

Magdalene class have been working on formulas within Excel grids this afternoon!

Magdalene class had a brilliant forest school session this afternoon. Playing, making use of the natural resources available and even digging holes to fit our Christmas Trees!

Magdalene class had a great afternoon making their own Islamic pattern inspired tiles today with clay. They’ve worked really hard on working the clay and getting their patterns symmetrical.

Science in Magdalene class had some children classifying animals whilst others were learning about the fantastic adventures of Jane Goodall.

Some of the year 5 children in Magdalene class using cubes to help with converting improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Magdalene class were finding symmetry in patterns as they continue to explore Islamic Art. They’ve been having a go at their own patterns!

A huge achievement for the children in Magdalene class who have achieved an Arts Award from their work with 20Twenty productions. They are all very proud of themselves as are the staff!

Magdalene class have been exploring the different habitats in our school and surrounding areas. We found lots of insects and a wide variety of fungi!

Magdalene’s last session with 20TwentyProductions CIC today with the children creating Christmas themed stop motion animations with music added to them. We have all learnt so much and the children are encouarged to continue their stop motion journey at home!

We participated in Ely Cathedral’s virtual Christingle today!

Look at the amazing printing from Magdalene class today! After designing their prints, they cut out felt and stuck it to cardboard as a template before mixing their colours to print.

Magdalene class using GarageBand as they continue to add to their Stop Motion movies!

Magdalene class have been creating their Mayan patterns ready to print!

Magdalene class have been looking at the effects of bullying and are going to conduct an experiment on plants. The children will say mean things to one and not the other.

Another fantastic session from 20TwentyProductions today using stop motion studio to start their animations.

Magdalene class have been using their Computing and Geography skills to help them in their History lesson today as they locate Ancient Maya cities on maps. They then looked at how they may have been travelling in between these cities.

Fantastic news for our group of Year 6 children who have made it into the final of the Winter Soup challenge, taking place on Friday 3rd December, with Mrs Spicy Carrot and Mr Potato and Leek Soup.

Magdalene class were looking at cosmology and evolution theories comparing it to the genesis story .

An amazing Science filled day today with Magdalene class having an ‘eggcellant’ time! Facts about Darwin, sublime science and a forces experiment to end the day!

Brilliant progress with our characters as we get closer to making our split pin stop motion clips!

An amazing start to our British Values week with Judaism. Magdalene class looked at example Torah’s, traditional prayer clothing and found out about lots of different festivals! #Judaism

Some of our children and staff have come in their odd socks today as part of Anti Bullying week! #oddsocksday #antibullyingweek

How very lucky Magdalene class are to have the very talented20Twenty productions start a 6 week programme in school. Today, the children were creating their characters ready to animate over the next few weeks!

Magdalene class were creating their own story maps of the Creation Story and identifying key words.

Magdalene class have been making their fruit kebabs they had designed to make! Lots of skills practiced whilst having lots of fun! #foodtechnology #healthyeating

Wow, what an amazing opportunity for Magdalene class to participate in a ‘Challenge Yourself’ session. Lots of engaging activities that certainly provided fun, excitement and challenge.

Magdalene class had great fun today in a forest school - headdresses, ladybirds and swinging around!

Magdalene class had the opportunity to participate in Ely Cathedral’s sanctuary day. We have spent today learning about refugees and slavery including Jesus, accounts retold from the Norman invasion as well as modern day.

Magdalene class had great fun today on our Geography day, helping Moreton class locate flags around the playground, researching South America (our Geography country) and locating countries around the world!

Just rocking and rollin today in our dance session!

We have started our Geography unit based on a South America. We looked at the location, the diversity seen and shared some facts about Pangaea!

What a fantastic day for Magdalene class who represented the school at WGS in a hockey festival. We are all extremely proud of all of the children!

Tree climbing, conker drilling, bug hunts and rope swings! What a great morning for Magdalene class! #forestschool

We have been thinking about how we can help friends through difficult times in our PSHE lesson!

Magdalene class are diving further into our novel Journey to the River Sea. We’ve been thinking hard about the characteristics we’ve come across so far! #reading

A very messy afternoon in Magdalene class looking at how surface area affects the different forces!

Continuing the computing journey today with some fantastic peer support.

Lots of fun learning playing the Nrich rounding game today.

Wow! How amazing to see Magdalene class outside in the sunshine today learning, being creative and fantastic problem solving it Forest School!

We enjoyed their fitness and nutrition lessons today with the Alive n Kicking programme!

An inspirational quote that aided our dance class today, the children came up with some powerful moves based on control!

The children were looking at the best qualities needed for divine beings before creating their own Gods.

Magdalene class had their first Alive n Kicking session delivered by Healthy You. The children enjoyed exploring healthy eating with the eat well plate!

Magdalene class having far too much in their PSHE lesson today all about listening skills and helping each other out.

Magdalene class have been creating algorithms in Computing today!

Some great answers in our Maths discussion today. Magdalene class have had to really think about the answers today!

Magdalene class had great fun becoming composers this afternoon using percussion instruments!

3rd September 2021

Magdalene class using their computing skills to find out the history behind the new class names. 

2nd September 2021 The children of Magdalene class have had a great day and enjoyed activities expressing their strengths and goals for the year!

Lions class have some amazing responses to their end of science topic assessment!

Lions class had an amazing time today with a fun fuelled STEM activity day! They completed activities based on powering our worlds, robot programming and building their own wind turbine.

Potato harvest for Lions class saw a real mix of sizes!

Children in Lions class have been draft writing persuasive letters to send to the Prime Minister today on their thoughts on lockdown!

Quietly playing a merry little tune this afternoon ready to write our own next week!

Greek structures are being designed in Lions class as we approach the end of term!

Today’s action shot from our PE lesson, we had lots of fun practicing our running before a leapfrog challenge!

Lions class have produced some amazing writing today

We have been focussing on Christian beliefs on whether anything is ever eternal in RE. Today, the children looked at the vows of a Christian wedding to find their meanings!

Another amazing opportunity for Lions class today with Warburtons ‘Farm in a box’ experience. Just a selection of activities carried out including a worm hunt, bread tasting and we were lucky enough to have a zoom with a local farmer too!

Using our ICT skills to create information leaflets based on Ancient Greeks.