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Magdalene Class

Welcome to Magdalene Class.

We are a mixed age class of Year 5 and Year 6 children. Mrs Raine is the teacher and Mrs Palisaite and Mrs Smith are the Teaching Assistants. Mrs Kenning will be in in class during the week for various tasks and activities.
We are found near the entrance to the school and have lockers for our children to use! We have an engaging classroom and we work very hard! Magdalene children love a challenge to complete. 

A very messy afternoon in Magdalene class looking at how surface area affects the different forces!

Continuing the computing journey today with some fantastic peer support.

Lots of fun learning playing the Nrich rounding game today.

Wow! How amazing to see Magdalene class outside in the sunshine today learning, being creative and fantastic problem solving it Forest School!

We enjoyed their fitness and nutrition lessons today with the Alive n Kicking programme!

An inspirational quote that aided our dance class today, the children came up with some powerful moves based on control!

The children were looking at the best qualities needed for divine beings before creating their own Gods.

Magdalene class had their first Alive n Kicking session delivered by Healthy You. The children enjoyed exploring healthy eating with the eat well plate!

Magdalene class having far too much in their PSHE lesson today all about listening skills and helping each other out.

Magdalene class have been creating algorithms in Computing today!

Some great answers in our Maths discussion today. Magdalene class have had to really think about the answers today!

Magdalene class had great fun becoming composers this afternoon using percussion instruments!

3rd September 2021

Magdalene class using their computing skills to find out the history behind the new class names. 

2nd September 2021 The children of Magdalene class have had a great day and enjoyed activities expressing their strengths and goals for the year!

Lions class have some amazing responses to their end of science topic assessment!

Lions class had an amazing time today with a fun fuelled STEM activity day! They completed activities based on powering our worlds, robot programming and building their own wind turbine.

Potato harvest for Lions class saw a real mix of sizes!

Children in Lions class have been draft writing persuasive letters to send to the Prime Minister today on their thoughts on lockdown!

Quietly playing a merry little tune this afternoon ready to write our own next week!

Greek structures are being designed in Lions class as we approach the end of term!

Today’s action shot from our PE lesson, we had lots of fun practicing our running before a leapfrog challenge!

Lions class have produced some amazing writing today

We have been focussing on Christian beliefs on whether anything is ever eternal in RE. Today, the children looked at the vows of a Christian wedding to find their meanings!

Another amazing opportunity for Lions class today with Warburtons ‘Farm in a box’ experience. Just a selection of activities carried out including a worm hunt, bread tasting and we were lucky enough to have a zoom with a local farmer too!

Using our ICT skills to create information leaflets based on Ancient Greeks.