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Pupil Voice

At Guyhirn Church of England Primary School and Pre-school we listen to our pupils and value their opinions. We use these to make adaptions to their school life. It is also a great way for  our subject leaders to  learn about the way children feel about what and how they are taught.  

Examples of our Pupil Voice within our school.


We always have someone we can talk to. 

We feel safe.

Adults have security lanyards so they are the only ones who let people into school. 

Can you tell me about a fire drill?  (EYFS child ) The Noisy bell means it could be a fire, we go straight outside and line up on the yellow line.

The adults call our names and we shout 'yes.' Then the  adults know we are all alright



My knowledge organiser and the knowledge boards help me.

Science is amazing , I even have a book about it at home.

We are scientists when we do science.

In PE we learn new skills each week which helps us to get better at the activities we do. 

How do you get help if you need it? 

We use our knowledge organiser, it has all the information we need to help us like words and diagrams.

We can ask an adult.

A friend might bed able to help us.



DT Days

They are a lot more fun.

Like doing it over a day as we don't have to wait to see the finished product.

We are not rushed to do work and we get it finished.


We have learnt so much in our history lessons that we didn't know about

Geography is really interesting it's about our world

Collective worship- its a time to think or maybe just take time to be quiet, because you might have something on your mind. 

Forest school makes me happy.



What could we do to make our school better?

Nothing, its perfect as it is!

More writing and more maths.

Clubs are great, I wish they were on for longer.