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Values and Ethos

Agape - To live, to learn, to love, together.


Through our Christian values we aim to inspire all of our school community to show equality and tolerance to all in a safe, challenging environment.

Developing Resilient, aspirational, compassionate individuals who are enthused by all faiths and lifestyles showing faith and belief in one another.


“Live in agreement with one another. Do not be proud but ready to mix with everyone. Do not think yourself better than others.”  - Romans 12:16

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks it out.” - Proverbs 18:15

“Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbour as yourselves.” - Matthew 22:37


Our Values


We are a small, family centered Church of England Primary School that is committed to promoting our  Christian values of Thankfulness, Compassion, Creativity, Peace, Hope, Endurance, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Kindness, Respect, Trust and Friendship each linked with the core value of Love.


We are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where everyone will be challenged in their thinking, to succeed to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners.


We will empower our children to become respected citizens to enable them to make valuable contributions locally, globally and to contribute to our world’s sustainable future