About Guyhirn

Guyhirn is a typical English fenland village, situated on the north bank of the navigable river Nene about twenty miles from the Wash.Ten years ago a new bridge was built across the Nene to take the busy A47 Peterborough to Wisbech trunk road away from the centre of the village. The bridge is situated at two very busy road junctions.

On the south bank it meets the A141 road to March, Ely and Huntingdon; and on the opposite bank the B1187 takes traffic from the A47 towards Lincolnshire. Guyhirn is also where two important waterways meet. The tidal Nene and the freshwater Moreton's Leam run roughly parallel for twelve miles between Stanground and Guyhirn.

At the site of the new road bridge Moreton's Leam empties into the Nene through a sluice gate. The washland between the two rivers is liable to flood in the winter and spring, and becomes an important site for wildfowl. Moreton's Leam is well used by many local fishermen.